He is a rising star with a bright future. Rapper, Thato Mantso best known as Don Tally has his eyes set on being one of the biggest rappers in the country.

The Bloemfontein-born star chose music over studying towards a law degree. He had the opportunity to go to university after high school but felt the music calling was too much to ignore. “Music is my calling,” he says. “I don’t see myself doing anything else besides making amazing music.”

The 20-year-old says he has had to make some sacrifices for his dream. “I’ve been hustling and doing piece jobs here and there to fund my dream.” Don Tally started making music while in Grade five and has not stopped since. “I used to travel with my uncle who is a radio presenter and at the time he was making music. That is when I fell in love with the art and wanted to be just like him,” he says. “I started wing raps and took myself seriously and here I am today.”

In 2021, he dropped his debut project titled Isiqalo, meaning The Beginning. This indeed was the beginning of his bright future.  “It has not been easy being an artist. Some people hate the music, and some hate it,” he says. “But I know it is great and I am destined for great things, so there is no doubt that the future is bright.” This year, Don Tally plans to drop a full project.

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