This is after Dimpho Hani asked Cleopatra to do a DNA test to prove she is the daughter of late Apartheid stalwart

It seems to be a never-ending fight between Chris Hani’s widow Limpho Hao and his daughter Cleopatra who she claims is not his legitimate child. Limpho has barred Cleopatra from being involved in any Hani legacy work.

Limpho has labelledd Cleopatra as an imposter out to benefit from her late husband’s legacy. Cleopatra tells Buzz Life News that the quarrels need to end. “Why does she want a DNA test when I was born even before she married my father,” Cleopatra says Limpho’s marriage to Chris Hani was on the brink of ending even before he died. “We tried to do a DNA test and she stopped us from going through with it. Me and the other kids. “

Hani was assassinated in 1993, at approximately 10:20 am he was shot with two bullets to the chest and an additional two sub-sonic bullets to the head and died at the scene. This occurred while stepping out of his car on the driveway of his home in Dawn Park. “She was living in Lesotho. I am not looking for acceptance from her. My family knows the truth.

Last year marked 30 years since Chris Hani died and his widow Limpho Hani still wants answers. Limpho lambasted uMkhonto weSizwe (MK) party led by former president Jacob Zuma for “abusing” her late husband’s legacy to win over voters. The MK Party and its members are not allowed anywhere near the gravesite of Chris Hani. Limpho says her late husband would never have associated himself with a party.

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