This week on Mzansi Magic’s Clash of the Choirs SA season 4, the choirs faced their most intense challenge yet: composing and performing an original song. Embracing creativity and passion, KZN’s Team Ntencane rose to the occasion, securing another victory with a powerful anthem celebrating African pride. Their consistent excellence has not only wowed the audience but also firmly established them as frontrunners in this fierce competition.

Dr Tumi was deeply moved by the team’s performance, recognising the song as a powerful message reminiscent of a struggle song. “This is what music is about – sending a message,” he said. Zwai Bala was left with goosebumps, particularly impressed by the praise singer, while Buhlebendalo appreciated the intentionality and emotional impact of their performance.

In an unexpected twist, no team was eliminated this week, giving Limpopo’s Team HLE another chance to shine. Their song focused on mental health, delivering a hopeful message that things will get better. Dr Tumi expressed happiness at their performance, and Buhlebendalo praised their storytelling. However, Zwai felt the piece was too influenced by American styles, reminding them to embrace their unique voice.

Mpumalanga’s Team Khanyisa, also safe this week, opened the show with their tribute to their journey in the competition. Dr Tumi commended them for staying true to themselves, while Zwai described the performance as more than just a show, but a heartfelt presentation. Buhlebendalo highlighted their exceptional writing skills.

The competition took another exciting turn with the return of Western Cape’s Team Vusi Nova, intensifying the competition as the choirs inch closer to the grand prize.

As we move towards the finale, the question on everyone’s lips is, who will be the next to leave the stage?

Tune in to Mzansi Magic, Channel 161, to find out who will step closer to winning the grand R1 million prize and who will see their dream come to an end.

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