Zandi Nhlapo, this week on BET’s Uncut for an intimate and revealing conversation with the legendary South African actor and director, Dr. Jerry Mofokeng Wa Makhetha. In a captivating episode, Dr. Makhetha opens up about his formative years in Soweto during the tumultuous era of Apartheid, shedding light on the profound impact it had on shaping his character.
Delving into the personal, Dr. Makhetha shares the story of the accident that led to a significant eye injury, exploring the challenges and complex emotions he grappled with during his upbringing. From overcoming adversity to discovering his passion for stage acting, the acclaimed actor reflects on his journey into television, showcasing his exceptional talent in iconic roles, including the unforgettable portrayal of Morris the cripple in Tsotsi.
Don’t miss this compelling episode as Dr. Jerry Mofokeng Wa Makhetha takes us on a poignant journey through his life, providing unique insights into the making of one of South Africa’s most celebrated actors. Tune in to BET Africa channel 129 every Saturday at 19:00 for Uncut, where the stories behind the stars come to life.

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