In a world that often seeks conformity, Relay Jeans continues to embrace the spirit of individuality with its iconic tagline, ‘Be Undefined.’ This philosophy champions the idea of breaking free and embracing authenticity, unapologetically being true to oneself. In this pursuit, Relay Jeans is thrilled to unveil its latest campaign, ‘Relay Jeans: Sound of Denim,’ a harmonious celebration of individuality and personal expression through music.

To celebrate music creativity and innovation, as well as to launch a first-of-its-kind music experiment through crafting an exclusive denim-led soundtrack which highlights the significant cultural connection between denim and music, the brand partnered with Joshua The I AM – a young, creative, multi-talented music producer, songwriter, and recording artist, to lead this project with the support of the talented Siphe Tebeka as a Co-Producer.

The exclusive denim-led soundtrack explores and captures unique sounds from the different denim features of the brand’s authentic products, ranging from distinctive denim fabric textures, zip & button details, to Velcro strips. This authentic music offering is curated for all music lovers and fans to enjoy, delivering a sonic experience that’s as distinct as the denim itself.

“We deliver a jeans wear brand that goes beyond products, but embodies the essence of curated experiences that connect us to our customers. The ‘Relay Jeans Sound of Denim’ campaign is more than just a music experience – it’s a celebration of authenticity, connection, and the limitless possibilities that arise when we dare to express our individuality through music,” says Relay Jeans, Brand Manager, Kaybee Ntloana.

Relay Jeans maintains an unwavering commitment to diving headfirst into culture and crafting experiences that deeply resonate with its cherished customers. Music, therefore, takes centre stage as a key strategic pillar for the brand, often functioning as a unifying force that honours the diverse tapestry of individuals’ journeys.

Nicol Rademeyer, Head of Marketing for Relay Jeans, further emphasises that crafting a campaign which empowers music and denim enthusiasts to creatively express themselves through the sound of denim represents a world-class approach to coming together, celebrating, and embracing individuality within our communities.

Each pair of Relay Jeans is a canvas to create a symphony of individuality through the fabric of denim. Relay Jeans invites everyone to participate in the campaign by creating their own distinct ‘soundtrack’ of denim.

Be a part of the sound of denim movement.

As Relay Jeans continues to redefine the boundaries of conventional fashion, the ‘Sound of Denim’ campaign invites all individuals to participate in the movement.

To learn more about the ‘Relay Jeans Sound of Denim’ campaign, go to any of its 128 stores nationwide or visit

Join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #RJSoundOfDenim and be a part of the journey towards embracing authenticity, diversity, and self-expression.

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