A sentiment frequently iterated by Kiddo CSA lately is, “so far, so great” and indeed the journey so far is ever so great as the rapper, managed to secure a slot on the Maybelline stage at Rocking the daisies.

In an effort to produce a quality and culturally multifaceted musical experience, rapper Kiddo CSA opened the floor to the first time ever heard, live, Capetonian vocalist Tyler Page. The rapper had participated in a studio session with the vocalist late last month and recorded a well-matched freestyle verse to Tyler’s pre-existing single, “If it wasn’t 4u”. The track remix successfully made its official debut on a stage most aligned with a collaboration of this kind. 

Pure, and simplistic joy, are some of the words used to express the feeling of being at Rocking the Daisies, this stated, however, one must not allow the aspect of simplicity to evoke the notion that securing a slot at the festival is by any means a small feat. The platform showcases the best in promising garage bands and is simultaneously home to the globally iconic. The word “best” being the operative word explains why only a select few are able to secure a segment at the festival. 

As a musical experience known to bring artists from all walks of life together, Rocking the Daisies undoubtedly lives up to its promise, producing opportunities for various artists to meet, converse and possibly collaborate. Leveraging off of this opportune moment Kiddo CSA, was seen linking with international R&B sensation Kehlani, who is an artist from an affiliate label, internationally. The rapper’s Instagram post alongside Kehlani produced unbridled excitement as well as curiosity among his fans. Might there be a potential collaboration in the works, only time will tell and yes the journey for Kiddo CSA sure looks great so far.

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