Late fashion designer honoured in 50-piece collection by his brother Vincete Moet Kekana

The family of late international fashion designer remembers him the best way they know-how, on the runway. Before his untimely passing due to Multiple myeloma on 17 April 2022, designer, Quiteria was invited to showcase at the Kings and Queens Of Baobab (13 May 2020) in Polokwane and was unable to work on the collection.

His motivation to push his dream, even during the roughest times of his illness led his family; brother Vincete Moet Kekana (Quiteria Atelier Creative Director) and Mother Violet Kekana to be inspired to continue his legacy and pick up where he left off.

“It is what my brother would have wanted. Even on his last days, he pushed us to continue working,” Vincete Moet Kekana says.

“He would not have wanted us to just give up and be sad. We have also decided to keep the studio open and work towards the vision. We have been working as a family for over a decade together and we have been part of the vision. All we wish to do is honour him and continue the Quiteria Atelier legacy.”