Antonio-David Hampton Eduardo better known by his producer name Tony Duardo is a multi-talented Pan-African record producer. He is the phantom, ghost producer behind songs Bank Notification by Ciza and DJ Maphorisa, to major hits by Gazza, Major League, Savage, Sino Msolo, Daliwonga, and now his number one hit is titled Tanzania by international DJ, Uncle Waffles.

After working behind the scenes in the music industry for years from a very young age, he traveled the world and Africa as a whole, living in Nigeria, Ghana, the UK, Tanzania, DRC, Angola, and many more.

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The name Tony Duardo started appearing in the public when legendary South African music mogul TK Nciza took him under his wing in 2019, and it seems like TK’s genius mind and eye for great talent is alive and well.
“I’ve been producing hits for years since I was a teenager,” Tony Duardo says.
“I was happy with being a ghost producer, songwriter, and empowering other creatives in the industry. For me, it’s not about shining or being a star. I guess a lot of people would ask why to come out now in the public eye, and my answer is ‘purpose.’ Keep your eye on me and everything I do because I will achieve the impossible with African Music. I don’t care about titles, but you will call me the greatest to ever do it.”

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Confident in his words but backing it up with action, Tony Duardo is a professional singer, writer, drummer, guitarist, pianist, producer, engineer, composer, and more. He describes himself as “an artist and businessman that identifies as Pan-African man and lives by it as he is fluent in various languages including French, Portuguese.”
He has the drive, skills, and knowledge to achieve that which he claims he’ll achieve.
Tony Duardo is a serial entrepreneur and business developer and a UK IVY League scholar.

“I actually have one single talent that God gave me, and that’s the ability to learn, reverse engineer and create out of nothing, God is my role model. I love creating. I love learning, it’s just who I am, and everything I do is fuelled with passion. I am aligned with the loving nature of my creator, which is to create, “he adds. 

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Tony Duardo has teased that he has so much more music and content coming, with Major League, Ciza, savage, Maphorisa, Daliwonga, Seekay, Marioo, Burna boy, Victony, Wurld, including international collaborations that can’t be mentioned as yet, 4 upcoming Mixtapes, and EP’s and more will be coming from this man in 2022 alone.
“I have a vision and a purpose. I’m here to stay, and they will know my name. They will cry with me, laugh with me, dance with me, and celebrate with me. The journey of Tony Duardo will be one of the greatest stories ever told in the entire human history books, I will further unpack this, stay tuned.”