Baggy clothes, cropped images and a glow is all Twitter needed to decide that Uzalo actress Gugu Gumede has a bun in the oven, and they might be right. But Gugu has not confirmed any of the pregnancy allegations.

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According to a lose friend, who refused to be named, Gugu is expecting.
“You can hide a lot of things, but not pregnancy. It will eventually show,” she says.
“She’s preggos and she is looking too adorable,” she adds.
The friend says wardrobe had to be alerted on the changed in order to “not seem obvious on camera.”
“But, already her wardrobe is baggy clothes and dresses , so its not obvious, but she is far.”
Another friend say,” This is such a blessing,” she says.
“She lost her mom last year and now expecting a baby is a miracle. It’s just sad, her mom is not around to hold her first baby.”

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Gugu was heartbroken after her mother Zanele kaMagwaza-Msibi’s passing in September 2021. She penned a heartfelt tribute after the 59-year-old politician died at Umhlanga Hospital in Durban on 6 September 2021.
“There is never a point in life where one wishes to walk the path that I am on, but such is life – we are born, we fulfil our assignment to the best of our abilities, and we depart,” said Gugu.
She hailed her mother as a “giant” and “king”, a “pioneer and activist who changed many people’s lives”.
“She came from nothing and had the task of breaking many generational curses; blessing many family members in between. Words will never be enough to express our appreciation for the love and affection that she single-handedly raised us with. We never lacked; and when the opportunity presented itself, we ensured that she never did too – and we are appreciative of this.”