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Actress, singer and mom Lerato Mvelase has opened up about her calling as a sangoma. She revealed that she first resisted her calling as a traditional healer because she thought it was “dark and evil”. In a previous interview she said she comes from a religious home.
“I come from a family that was more on the church side so my mom did not understand it. I also didn’t want it because of how it was introduced to me. It was always represented as dark and dirty and evil. So, I stayed far away from those things because, for me, It was not what I wanted. I wanted something beautiful. My energy must be clean,” she said

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Taking to Instagram this week, Lerato shared the hardships of trying to break generational curses. 
“This part of my life is very hard, very, very hard. I’ve felt every horrible emotion one can ever imagine. As I type this I’m in tears as I’m that generation that is breaking the worst curses in my family lineage and it’s not easy,” she wrote.
“In fact, my mere existence is making the devil fight me in very important parts of my life: financial, friendships, finding a good man, good health in my family and so on but still I stand in prayer and faith that I’m the chosen one.”

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Lerato shared advice she received from her mother.
“My mother said: ‘Lele, don’t let the devil deter you from what is destined for you.’ And here I am standing like the lioness that I am, waiting to reach my throne as I strut into the most powerful phase of my life. Moral of the story: allow yourself to go through it, scream if you must, cry if you must, rest if you must but don’t give up.”

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