Radio and TV personality Dineo Ranaka, 38, has never been one to address her feelings and thoughts. The mom of three recently took to social media in a blog post to express how travelling during the holiday season gives her anxiety.
“Right now I’m overwhelmed by anxiety,” she says.
“Traveling to a country I’ve never been to DJ, will they like my track selection? Will they connect with my energy? It’s my first gig out of the country, have I done enough to prepare for my set?” she says.
⠀”Then there’s my children. My babies. My three little treasures. The 1st K, the 2nd K and the 3rd K. There’s an overwhelming guilt of not spending Christmas with them. Will they hold this against me? Will they be ok emotionally? Do they not feel neglected?”

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The Metro FM presenter has enough family members to assist but but this still makes her anxious.
“And there’s my parents, grandmother, nieces as well as siblings that help look after my Cubs, what of their needs. I feel like I can’t breathe. I feel like I’m losing control of all my bearings but I’m trying my best to keep my anxiety under control,” she writes.
“See on the surface, it looks like one may have it all together but ones actually breathing through the wounds of ones priorities, doing my best to keep it under control. I’ll be breathing better in a few. Just need to talk to my mind and calm myself all the way down.”

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Responding to her post, Dineo’s sister and actress, Manaka assured her that her babies will be well taken care of.
“Don’t worry. I’ll make sure the children don’t feel it as much. Ziggy Ranaka and Michelle will be hosting us at Nompumelelo’s and all the children will be there. Don’t worry, the fam has it together. Go fly your wings. And they are gonna love your set,” Manaka assured her.

Other celebrities encouraged her that everything will be fine.
Refilwe Modiselle said,” Sis you got this. Everything you do is for your babies because you take care of those kids deeply with the support of fam. You’ve held it down Mama & doing the best you can the way you know how to. God & your ancestors equip you with all you need in you. No anxiety takes precedence in the things you need to fulfill because you stay intentional.”

Thembisa Mdoda said,” The epitome of mommy guilt. It’s real and it can be crippling. 1. You have amazing family around you. 2. Living your dreams is the best possible teacher for your babies. 3. You deserve it”