She was spoke openly about her battle with breast cancer since she was diagnose din 2019. Real Housewives of Johannesburg star Naledi Willers fought a long battle, but lost in the wee hour son 7 December 2021.

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The reality show star and LLB student took to Instagarm to talk about her two years battle.
“I want to thank everyone who commented and showed such heartfelt support on my ‘coming out’ post. I read every comment, and couldn’t fight back the tears each time. It’s been such a humbling experience to receive such a positive response to what has been my life’s biggest test thus far. To my personal friends and those with whom I only get to interact on this platform alike: thank you. You have all breathed strength into my soul,” she said.

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Naledi believed she would survive the gruesome fight until her last breathe.
“As I start the dialogue around this topic gradually I thought I’d draw attention to an often understated, even diminished aspect of having one’s physical vessel bombarded with foreign intervention: the change in my appearance. Unlike what is broadly assumed about dealing with cancer, the current treatment protocols include steroids to avoid allergic reaction to the drugs and even the body attacking itself… this leads to weight gain. Along with my weight gain I lost muscle mass and my skin lost its ‘youthful’ texture and elasticity. This is a body image talk. nobody ever prepares you for walking around feeling like you’re stuck in someone else’s body.”

Friends and family payed their respects at Naledi’s memorial service held at Houghton Hotel in Johannesburg. They described the Botswana beauty as outspoken, intelligent, and called her the Tswana Barbie who was always there for her friends and loved ones.