It has been an eventful week for rapper and tv presenter This came after Molemo “Jub Jub” Maarohanye, 41, after his interview on YouTube show Podcast and Chill.
The Uyajola 99 host did a tell-all interview with Macgyver “MacG” Mukwevho and Sol Phendulo and spoke about life before incarceration, life in jail and his relationships with Amanda Du Pont and the mother of his child Kelly Khumalo.
Jub Jub spoke briefly about dating Amanda Du Pont and how she left him when he started cheating with Kelly Khumalo.
“I smashed Amanda. We dated for two years but I fu&%ed up. I saw myself spending a lot of time with Kelly without knowing what she had done for that to happen. Everyone knows Kelly uses umuthi (witchcraft or traditional medicines). I guess she used that for me to stay,” he says.

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After the interview, Amanda took to social media to reveal that she had once been raped by Jub Jub. This is not the first time, Amanda opened up about the rape. In an interview in 2013, she spoke to Bona and Real magazine.
In the statement on social media she described how she was raped for two years “solidly” by Jub Jub in detail
“Molemo, you raped me. I was rapped for two years solidly. So pleased don’t make it sound like it was a relationship,” she says.
” I was absolutely afraid to leave. You didn’t smash me, your forcefully opened my legs and forced yourself on me, numerous times for two years and made me believe I had no way out,” she says. Bonokuhle Nkala says she witnessed Amanda being raped by Jub Jub.

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Other women, such as radio and tv spokesperson for Nathi Mthethwa, Masechaba Khumalo (Ndlovu) also says she was rapped by Jub Jub at his mothers house.
“I believe Amanda Du Pont. Molemo Maarohanye raped me too. It happened in Mama Jackie’s house in Naturena. He was my boyfriend. I was a teenager. I was a virgin.”
His cousin says she too wants to reveal how he assaulted her.
Jub Jub’s colleague at Moja Love who has since left the company says he had made many sexual advances towards her and there she believes Amanda.
“I worked closely with Molemo at Moja Love TV, and experienced many sexual advances which were declined, His interview on MacG’s podcast was reckless and he deserves the back lash.”

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An infuriated Jacqueline “Mama Jackie” Maarohanye has distributed a voice note on social media defending her son. Mama Jackie says when Jub Jub dumped Amanda, she called her to say she was pregnant with twins.
“Amanda, where are the twins now? She mustn’t act clean. She was having sex for two years and now wants to call it rape. Why did she stay? She had parents, Why couldn’t she report to her parents for them to stand up and open a case?” she asks
Mama Jackie asked Masechaba’s to describe her house in Naturena where she claims to have been raped.
“Masechaba says she was raped in my house. She must describe my house inside. I want her, and I wish she gets exposed for her past.”
Mama Jackie asked why Jub Jub’s cousin why she didn’t report the matter to her and the family or open a case.
“Why was she waiting for Amanda Du Pont? Why did she not report it to her parents and me? When did all these rapes happen? Why didn’t they open a case?”

Jub Jub’s legal team have stated that he will be opening a case of defamation against the three women claiming to have been raped by the Ndikhokhele singer.
“It is unfortunate that these heavy allegations are false and fake. As a family we met Amanda du Pont when our son introduced her to us, we accepted her as one of our own. The claims and serious allegations by Ms. Du Pont were clearly concocted to injure and defame our son’s name which he is working hard to safeguard. He will be opening a case of crimen injuria and defamation against Amanda du Pont, Masechaba Khumalo, Bonokuhle Nkala, and Refilwe Khumalo. They have been pulled in to campaign against our son by Amanda du Pont on her social media page.” 

Moja Love has since released a statement and Jub Jub has been suspended pending further investigations on the rape allegations.
“Jub Jub conducted an interview on Podcast and Chill with MacG, which aired on Channel O, in his personal capacity, Moja Love was not part of the editorial of the interview and is not associated with the content thereof. As a channel, though we don’t condone any Gender Based Violence in any way and under my circumstances, s Moja Love, we have decided to suspend Jub Jub.”