Saray Khumalo says you’ve already got the seat at the table, act like it, own it!

She is one of four women who feature in this year’s Momentum Success Films. She, along with jam farmer Ina Lessing, radio personality Hulisani Ravele, business owner Tobeka Lwana and Momentum Head of Brand Marketing Charlotte Nsubuga-Mukasa, tell of their own journeys to success.

Zoom in on Saray who is a mother of two boys – her most important job, she says.
Saray is a corporate and humanitarian powerhouse. She is an executive at Momentum Multiply, and doesn’t just climb the highest mountains for the thrill, she does it to raise much needed funds to support the education system in the country.

“I’m being supported by my colleagues as well as my company,” she says.
“I’m able to still be a corporate leader, lead a team and make decisions that are actually making a difference. At the same time, I’m also a mom that my kids need. I hope I do that as well as they expect me to do because I think that kids give you more grey hair than scaling mountains,” she quips.

Saray’s successes as a corporate leader started when her boss resigned and that position became vacant. With some help from a supportive friend, she worked up the courage to “apply” for the position.
“I walked into the CEO’s office and I said, ‘I think you should give me a shot’,” she said.

“We need to speak for ourselves. You know, there is this notion that, let’s wait for the seat at the table. No, you’ve already got the seat at the table, act like it. Own it!”

Here is her story: