On 6th of September 2021, Hundreds of Thousands of DiepCity viewers witnessed a heartfelt episode that saw Maureen(Momo) go through what happens to be the sad reality of many South African women. Following a series of cheating events with Mgedeza and Zola, where Momo caught the adulterer’s red handed which left her shattered. 

With colourism being a widely faced issue in our country, Momo’s character takes viewers through the depths of the effects of colorism which include a low self-esteem based on the shade of your skin, perceiving yourself as lower social class and feeling less pretty because of darker skin. This led her to consider bleaching her skin so that she can look like her husband’s side chick and left viewers glued to their screen stunned.

In a surprising twist of events, Momo went head to head with Zola and threatened her to stay away from her man. With an ending like this – what could possibly be next? Will Maureen and Mgedeza survive this storm? 

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