The pioneer for female hip-hop, Gigi Lamayne is releasing her highly anticipated album on the 16 July 2021, Mermaids and Stuff:  The rap queen is here to deliver and take back her seat on the throne! With the lead single Feelin U, featuring MiCasa and Blxckie, doing amazing numbers and debuting on #1 on the RadioMonitor, one can expect nothing but the best from this album.

This star-studded body of work is about her brand of promoting hip hop for females in the industry! The main idea behind Mermaids and Stuff is to empower and raise female queens to cement their place in the Hip-Hop industry. Gigi has collaborated with some of the best in the industry, with the big names of Nadia Nakai, Sho Madjozi and Moozlie bringing all the glitz to the gang, and fresh new talent names just to make sure to keep the baton moving for throne. Tanzanian rap goddess, Rosa Ree, comes through with killer finesse on Sativa alongside Pillboyy on Sativa.

Other notable features are crooners Phelo Bala, Just Bheki, Aubrey Qwane, Kabomo, lyricist MC Blaklez and the amazing hip hop star 25k. Mermaids and Stuff is such an amazing album that will showcase just how versatile Gigi Lamayne is: we hope you enjoy this artistic masterpiece as much we do!
To get a better understanding about the album itself, here are a few questions we asked Gigi Lamayne:

  1. Why did you choose the title “Mermaids and Stuff”, what is the reason behind the tittle?
  2. “I recently went on a spiritual journey and the common element with my journey and the project is water. The ideal way we want to be as human beings is still like water but sometimes, we are faced with tides, the crushing of waves and the flooding in our minds. The message I am sending across is we should be like mermaids and be one with water. Even with the tides and hardships we need to be one with the water like mermaids.”
  1. The album has a lot of great features, why did you choose to feature these artists?

    “The reason for me choosing a lot of the features was based of on feeling that I needed to experience other people differently, I have always wanted to wok with Sho Modjozi, Nadia Nakai and Moozlie. We have been together in the industry, so it made sense to put them as part of my journey. I needed to feature more women than men and empower each other as they are powerful women with powerful stories to tell.”
  1. What is your favourite song on the album?
    “My favourite song has to be ‘Lola Mendoza’ featuring 25K, it tells the story of a hardcore couple who go to odds to be together and live the life they want to live. They are equals, view life the same and it is the ultimate love story. The video will allow for an amazing story, we are hoping to get amazing visuals on that story.”
  1. What motivated the album?
    “The motivation behind the album was the zero to hero effect, I have been through a lot in my personal life I wanted to tell the story about my journey hence 19 songs,” Gigi says.
    “The stories told as clearly as you will hear it there were times when I was in love and I fell out of love then back in love. I felt hopeless I went through the emotions and I feel powerful now. That is what inspired the album the zero to hero effect of any young black independent girl growing up in Africa and having a dream to chase.”

The album is going to be a massive wave! Checkout the track-list:

  1. Gigi Lamayne – Joint
  2. Gigi Lamayne – Dutty wine
  3. Gigi Lamayne – Fire
  4. Gigi Lamayne ft 25 K – Lola Mendoza
  5. Gigi Lamayne ft Blaklez x Kabomo – Heritage
  6. Gigi Lamayne ft Phelo Bala -No love
  7. Gigi Lamayne ft Sho Madjozi – Sosobala
  8. Gigi Lamayne ft Te’Amo x Nadia Nakai – I gotta go
  9. Gigi Lamayne – M.A.S
  10. Gigi Lamayne – Make a way
  11. Gigi Lamayne – Mandigo
  12. Gigi Lamayne – Never met you
  13. Gigi Lamayne ft Te’Amo x pH RAW X – Designer
  14. Gigi Lamayne ft Aubrey Qwana x JustBheki – Emazulwini
  15. Gigi Lamayne ft Money Badoo x Moozlie – Hang up on you
  16.  Gigi Lamyne ft Scooby Nero x Stanley – Afro Gladiator
  17. Gigi Lamyne ft SHETTA – Detail
  18. Gigi Lamayne ft Taylor T x Rose Ree – Sativa