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Popular premier film and acting school’s graduation billed for this coming Saturday at the Ferndale Recreation Centre in Randburg mark the school’s second graduation since officially opening its doors a few years ago.

AACA is known for its aväntˈɡärd, films premiere red carpet style type of graduations, over 150 students will experience this for the first time on Saturday. The graduation also serves as an award ceremony for outstanding students under various categories including one created for the best student’s films.

Our first graduation was just a source of joy and accomplishment. We had proven that ours was not bland; ours was a serious business. Our second graduation will be a continuation of that – Maumela Mahuwa.

AACA graduation and ward night is our very own Oscars. The students are the stars of the show, we celebrate their creativity and hard work. It is about the glitz and glam – Frank Orji.

The graduates will receive their hard-earned qualifications in different disciplines from filmmaking to acting.