Calling all South Africans to the frontline!
It’s time to rally together to celebrate our pharmacy heroes who have made our safety their priority during this global pandemic and beyond.
In the last year, we’ve seen the unwavering bravery and strength displayed by our healthcare workers and pharmacists during the pandemic.

Join News24 and Adcock Ingram OTC in showing our gratitude and thanking our pharmacy frontline heroes by nominating your local pharmacist, pharmacy assistant, or pharmacy who have gone the extra mile for all their customers.

Nominate your local small pharmacy, retail pharmacy or pharmacist who has shown what it means to be a frontline hero. By nominating your colleague, pharmacist, or yourself you could also stand a chance to win one of eight R5,000 cash prizes!

From your nominations, eight finalists will be chosen and celebrated by their local community.

Two of these featured nominees, one chosen by your votes and one chosen by the Sponsors of Brave panel of judges, will go on to win an exciting opportunity to pursue a passion project of their choice.

A passion project is the opportunity to give back to the community to the value of R25,000. Whether this is painting a school, planting a community garden or supporting a soup kitchen.

We want to know their stories — of heart, kindness, inspiration, impact and hope.

The most inspiring stories will see the winners have an opportunity to pursue a passion project and further enabling them to continue making a difference.

Nominate and Win in The Season of Gratitude (

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