Actress and TV producer Sonia Mbele, 44, has addressed allegations of mistreatment of her staff and dismissed claims that she has still not paid her production crew for the show “Pastor’s Wives”.

Sonia took to social media to express her thoughts.
“This is probably going to be one of the most truest and realist open letter there ever was. I’m sure you all woke up to what seemed like one of the most negative articles of all time. But I honestly want to reassure everyone who might slightly feel touched,” she pens.

“Guys, I’ve been an actress for a good 25 years and out of those I’ve been producing for three, which makes me an infant in that space. As a baby producer I will make mistakes and the mistake I made was not to invoice on time (therefore didn’t pay crew on time) and for that I have apologized. Why the papers two months thereafter I’m baffled.”

She feels the critics have been too hard on her.
“It’s just sad that I’m away on business because the world wants to work with me and yet SatAfrica (South Africa) is trying to drag me. However it is well. Those who want me as a boss upon my return I am all yours. We are currently in the West because the rest of the world sees us, the United States of America, Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Ghana, no need to say more!”