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Internationally acclaimed legendary folklore Singer, Songwriter and traditional instrument player Madosini has re-released her first album Power To The Women which has been previously released by UK based label M.E.L.T 2000 in 1995.
Dr Latozi Mphahleni who is respectively and known by her stage name Madosini has performed in festivals and stages around the globe and has been bestowed with accolades in the continent and abroad. Power To The Women was Madosini’s first official album to be experienced by listeners around the globe. Her song Wen’usegoli also featured in the South
African film, Yesterday (2004). M.E.L.T short for Musical Energy & Loud Truth has also released titles from artists such as Busi Mhlongo, Amampondo, Madala Kunene and Carlo Mombeli.

With the assistance of ALT BLK >>, a community of artists that seeks to develop, support, release and archive music by alternative and independent artists, successfully facilitated Madosini obtaining the masters of Power To The Women and will continue the process rereleasing more of music on various platforms. This album marks the first of three albums which will released in the latter part of the year.
“Power To The Women comes after an extensive history of partnership between Madosini and ALT BLK’s mother visionary Oneshushuday Artistry. Madosini was a key feature in their Riversong Collaborative Arts Festival which takes place in the beautiful village of Hamburg in the Eastern Cape and the intergenerational conversation, At The Feet Of A Living Archive curated alongside Young Blood Arts and Culture Development in Cape
Town and contemporary music makers who are greatly inspired by Madosini’s music.

Madosini believes deeply in the generosity of sharing her wealth of musical and traditional wisdom to the generations following her.” added Msaki, owner and founder of independent label, Oneshushuday and member of

2020 was a sweet and sour year for Mqhekezweni born cultural icon, Latozi Madosini Mphahleni after her hospitalisation in France in November 2019. She received an honorary doctorate in Music from Rhodes University for her incredible contribution and skill of making, playing and teaching traditional Xhosa music of uhadi and mhrubhe musical bows, and the isitolotolo in South Africa and internationally for decades.

She was also named the featured artist of 2020 by the National Arts Festival. June 2020 also saw the beginning stages of Build Madosini A Home fundraiser lead by Root Spring Music. It is an appeal to members of the global community to support the worthy cause of building this living legend a home and retirement she deserves