Picture: Thabiso Mokhethi/Instagram

Actor and TV presenter Thabiso Mokhethi and wife Gaaratwe are set to be divorcing.

The former Generations actor admitted to Daily Sun newspaper to have been parting ways with the mother of his three kids , but did not state the reasons.
“We are working to find amicable ways to co-parent. What we’re doing is for our kids,” he told the newspaper.
“Obviously divorce is not ideal and is painful. I’m hurting. But I don’t overlook the fact that there are kids who need me to be strong for them,” he said.
His wife Gaaratwe told the newspaper that they have tried to make the relationship work but failed.
“Our only priority now is to find a way to co-parent,” she siad.

In the past, it has been reported that Thabiso had admitted to beating his wife while he was on drugs following the death of his mother and car crash that almost took his life.