Picture: Kwathole Conexion

Multi-talented Afro Soul musician, Francis Muleso, is becoming a force in the South African music scene. 
His vocal harmonies, polished compositions, and palpable stage presence, Francis makes a fine artist on the rise.

Amidst a multitude of Afro-Soul musicians, Francis has managed to sculpture a sound that is unmistakably his—in origin and frame of reference. His single,  Thando Magic,  is a testimony to that.

In the song, he showcases romantic lyrics and an extremely catchy chorus. The track is made up of incredible talent including pop icon PJ Powers, Asanda Bam, and Majisto and released under Africa Global Music which hosted the likes of international legends, The Temptations amongst many.

The Malawian-born musician,  who counts as the producer of the song,  Mawande Stuurman, and Born Afrikan as one of his influencers, says making the song was a delightful affair.

Thando Magic is a song about love. It is about lovebirds expressing how they feel about each other. Working on the song was a delightful experience that opened me to vulnerability.  It is such a digestible song, one that feels very open and honest,” he shares.

Francis’ artistic inception manifested itself almost instantly when he joined a church choir at a very young age. During that time the musician, who has always been attracted to the smoother edges of music, familiarised himself with different music greats. He recalls growing up in the villages at the age of 6 years old with hand made drummer kit. Music was and still follows Francis from an infant age. 

 But it was until he met award-winning producer and pianist, Mawande Stuurman 10 years ago that his talent was unleashed. With Mawande’s mentorship and guidance, his music opened up a portal for self-expression and experimentation that he never knew before. 

” Being close to him made me realize I have a lot to offer than just listening to music. So I started learning instruments and before  I knew it I was writing my music,” says Francis.

What followed next for Francis was a host of gigs around the country.  He has delivered memorable performances alongside great talent. What does the future hold for Francis? For now, Francis’ focus is squarely set on building a solid foundation for a craft that will be timeless and borderless. Whilst Francis’s previous single which topped American charts featured Bernard Gibson and Earl ‘Mr. Love’ Lamont of the Mighty The Temptations.  He believes Thando Magic will connect Africans and the rest of the world facing a current pandemic.  Thando Magic is now available on all digital platforms.