Picture: Drip Footwear

His success story is inspirational. Growing up poor with no shoes to owning six Drip stores nationwide in just under two years, Drip Footwear, Lekau Sehoane adds another milestone by opening a Drip franchise in Thavhani Mall, Thohoyandou Venda.

“I have been getting a lot of support from Venda, and that is why I knew I had to bring it closer to the people,” says Lekau.

He started Drip footwear in a shack, using old shoe soles and used denim. “The vision of having multiple stores was definitely there, but circumstances were not as promising back the,” says Lekau.
He saw an old Torn Sneaker, he redesigned it using Denims and Polyurethane. The Sneaker became a hit and people started ordering it. Making an entry into the shoe making business and exchanging pain with profit for the next five years of his High School years.

Today, he celebrates his victory by sticking to the fundamentals that he started with as a young poor boy form Ivory Park, Johannesburg.

Given that the brand was built on the basis of recycled materials, Drip buys back old sneakers when they begin to tear and become unwearable. 
“We strongly believe that our products should also be eco-friendly and not be harmful to the earth, hence we recycle.”
Lekau wouldn’t want to lose the main element that started the business and choices to remain true to its heritage.
Drip also gives away school shoes to young people who are from unprivileged family backgrounds, who are like Lekau when he was younger, with no shoes to wear. “I know what its like to need and not have and giving back is one of our values,” he adds.

Drip footwear sneakers retail at R700 to R1,000.00 and is available in 19 colours at these stores:

  1. Pretoria CBD 012 Central
  2. Joburg Newtown Junction
  3. Mall of Tembisa (Johannesburg)
  4. Masingita Mall (Giyani)

16 years later in 2019, the commercial Brand was born and he named it DRIP. The concept behind the Name and branding of this Footwear business comes from the modern day usage of words. Changing meaning of words to a whole different meaning, to make the word cool or what its being changed to even cooler. Drip means drops of Liquid although In urban street culture it means looking nice, having high fashion senses, Ukotini, style or being highly fashionable.
We blend very good with the new climate of business and social Media, Influence, Modern Street Culture and Trends. Thus our name is trendy and we have adapted to the current wave of Lifestyle and Fashion unlike 16 Years ago, even though our DNA and Principles still remain that of 2003.

There are three most important key elements about this Brand Called DRIP.