Picture: Buzz Life News

Somizi Mhlongo-Motaung has teams up with sneaker brand Bathu, in creating the BathuXSomizi collection.

It has taken over two year to create the rage of four sneakers; Gold, Silver, Platinum and Ruby.

It started as just an idea between Somizi and Bathu founder Theo Baloyi until they saw the concept materialise.
“It has taken us this long, but it was worth the wait because we get to share a good quality product with out supporters,” says Theo.

Given creative power and two years to produce, Somizi was hands on and very precise with what kinds of colours, detail and packaging he would like the shoes to embody. Knowing that Bathu is a proudly South African produced sneaker, he wanted the box of the shoe to symbolise the night lights that reminded him of his upbringing in Soweto, as well as designs coming in four minerals inspired colours being gold, diamond, silver and ruby red. A stylish blend of meaningful design messaging, with a touch of his glamorous style and personality. 

When he started the brand five years ago, Theo approached a number of local public figures to help promote the establishment of the brand. Taking a chance of going to their workplaces, he’d patiently wait to hopefully bump into them and be awarded the opportunity of pitching how and why Bathu would be the brand they would like to collaborate with. With sheer resilience, that’s exactly how Theo crossed paths with media personality Somizi. 
He approached Somizi at Metro FM radio, SABC Studios where he sold his ideas. Theo presented his brand as profound as he could, just like any other man with a vision.

Driven as he is, he asked the star to be an influencer for the sneaker, by taking a photo wearing it and posting it on his social media. Somizi did not give a straight answer, treating the offer like he would any other that would request a similar trade. 
Three weeks later at The Vodacom Durban July, Somizi posted a picture on social media wearing Bathu.
In a few days, people referred to the sneaker as “is’cathulo saka Somizi” (Somizi’s shoes). That’s when Theo knew that the relationship between Bathu and the personality would commence.

“January last year, I had an Aha moment, and thought, how about we have a mineral range, Gold, Silver, Platinum and Ruby; Theo loved it,” says Somizi.
“He designed the shoes and brought the samples, I loved it, excited, enjoyed it and knew that this was going to work because I am ‘King of bling’. I love stones; my favourite stones are tanzanite, diamond, rubys, the gems. That’s how the range BathuXSomizi came about! and it’s because of the love of finer things in life, the love of celebrating the richness of Africa and the love for just beautiful things,” he adds.

Theo says, this has been a long time coming. “I am personally excited about this collaboration with Somizi. He has been a friend of the brand since inception and this needed to be done the right way. I can’t wait to see how people receive it!” 

Sneakers will be available for purchase at Bathu stores nationwide and online at  www.bathu.co.za