Picture: Cassper Nyovest/Instagram

In September 2020, rapper Cassper Nyovest asked social media to try help him find Mzwandile, a talented motivational speaker living on he streets and had been encouraging people at the taxi rank.
With much help from his fans, Mzwandile was found and used his audio used in Casspers’ single featured on his current album ANM (Any Minute Now).

Today the new dad took to social media to share his sadness about Mzwandile going back o the streets after being clean from drugs for two months.
“Saddens me to have to post that after such a massive effort by myself, my team and the incredible Yolanda Toni ; Mzwandile has decided to go back to the streets,” he wrote.

“He’d been clean of all substances for just over two months and making good progress at a rehab center we had found for him. Truly wish I could do something else to help, but Yolanda, my team and I have tried all we could. “

The Bonginkosi rapper went on to say that he cannot force the 21 year old to change.
“Thank you to Yolanda for her sacrifice and continued efforts to change Mzwandile’s life, thanks to everyone who responded when I asked for help to reach out the 1st time, we all did what we could but everyone travels their own journey and will change at their own willpower.”

With despondent tone, Cassper wisheshim well on his journey.
“I wish the incredible spark that Mzwandile is a great future and hope to someday see him off the streets and happy. Meeting him was very dear to me and a life changing experience as the kid lights up rooms with his energy & i know he inspired me so much. Hopefully ntwanaka o tla fola ka nako ya gage (he will heal in his own time).”