This year has seen many of us reassess our passions, goals, relationships and adapt to a new way of life. Various habits kicked and many started with fitness and a healthier lifestyle being a major one. Hashtags such as #fetchyourbody2020 trend on social media platforms- whether you’re fetching your body or loving the one you’re in, Tomboy LTD Fitness Apparel is for you.

Entrepreneur and Social Activist Robyn Ashdown took the time to follow her passion for fitness and turn it into a business.  The entrepreneur and fitness lover founded Tomboy LTD in 2017.

“When I started the brand, it was after I had travelled the world and I saw how our fitness gear in the country was limited. I knew I wasn’t alone in my struggle and I wanted to create comfortable and functional fitness apparel for women who wanted to do all the things the guys were doing,” explains Robyn.

As their motto suggests ‘Fit As Fem’, Tomboy LTD is for women around the world, women who believe they can be both sexy, feminine and equally fit. It is for this reason that Tomboy supporters have coined the tagline to describe themselves. The focus is for women between the ages of 16 and 55 years of age. Inclusive of all women regardless of their background, with a wide size offering from extra-small to double extra-large. The range caters for women who are interested in staying active while embracing their femininity and staying true to themselves. Tomboy LTD is proudly locally owned and manufactured. It is an intentional brand for women building a strong relationship with women in all industries. Robyn is a firm believer in community, growing the South African economy and empowering women in not only making them feel good in the clothes but creating an ecosystem that supports their business and needs.

“The website was not only for pushing my brand but also for other women who were like-minded and needed a market space for their businesses. The Tomboy website is a community and a one-stop-shop for women into all things fitness, business and healthy lifestyle,” she comments.

Brand ambassador Zethu Thwala, “I love the brand because it allows me to be myself and the designs are beautiful yet functional. I don’t have to be concerned about the fit when I work out. I know I look great because I feel great in it.”

Tomboy LTD is a sports apparel range made for South African women of all shapes and sizes with luxurious, comfortable, elastic and breathable materials that will move with you.