For many young people who dream of one day making a film, the idea that they can end up being sought-after film directors or producers may seem like a pipedream.

This is why Mzansi Bioskop (channel 164) is proud to kick off 2024 by recognizing and celebrating the hard work of Mzansi’s young and upcoming filmmakers on the Young Bloods Movie Festival. This is the third year that the channel has had the movie festival, but this year, the focus is on youth.

“Filmmaking has always been seen as reserved for the experienced, well-connected and those with money to acquire the necessary equipment and maybe studio time. However, with the Young Bloods Movie Festival, we are zoning in on the talent that so many young and aspiring filmmakers are demonstrating lately,” says Shirley Adonisi, M-Net’s Channel Director for Local Interest Channels.

“As Mzansi Bioskop, our objective is not only to showcase the best of our locally produced content but also to use this platform to inspire, help develop, and nurture young talent. These are the production companies that may end up being content creators and suppliers for many similar platforms,” says Adonisi.

In these featured movies, there are many positive influences on young filmmakers, like encouraging critical thinking, social commentary that delves into social issues affecting society, ethical dilemmas prompting youth to consider complex moral issues, and just escapism offering stress relief and relaxation from pressures of daily life like academics.

Viewers can look forward to titles like: Madumane (produced by Leburugraphy), about three young matriculants with a dream of being Amapiano DJs; Pakiso High (produced by Kerry Productions) which deals with a contentious issue in Mzansi, that of child-headed households and the effects that this has young lives and their development and Sbwl-Gram (produced by Ngomoya Productions) about the real-life effects of living in the ‘aspirational’ world of social media while missing out on real life.

Mapitso Ralephatha who is the Executive Producer and Producer for the first movie to premiere this Sunday, 7 January, Madumane says: “This production taps into the pulse of youth culture, music, and storytelling while simultaneously offering a joyful and meaningful experience. We got a chance to collaborate with emerging talent in the film industry who are making their mark, which led to fresh perspectives and innovative storytelling. We are grateful to the Mzansi team for believing in us and supporting our narratives.”

Don’t miss out on the movies produced by the youth for the youth only on Mzansi Bioskop’s Young Blood Movie Festival every Sunday at 7pm from 7 January until 31 March on DStv Channel 164. You can also tune in to Mzansi Magic channel 161 on Saturdays at 8pm to enjoy more locally produced movies.

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