The reality series is an all-access look at the wives, girlfriends and exes of sports stars. Sports Wives is now streaming on Showmax.

Bomzi September is married to ex-footballer and now coach Thabo September. She doesn’t let anything interfere with her relationship with her husband; she’s very clear about what she requires in her marriage and she’s not afraid to express it. “To make a marriage work, you and your partner need to choose each other daily,” says the banking app manager. “You have to make a choice whether or not you keep your marriage sacred. For as long as you do that, that’s when your marriage will work. With me and my husband, we choose each other daily and we are both very principled in our choices and morals.”

Sports manager, masseuse and lecturer Christa Kgamphe-Jane is not used to being in the spotlight; it’s usually her wife, Banyana Banyana player Refiloe Jane-Kgamphe, who gets attention from her legions of fans. “I am not bothered by all the love Refiloe gets from her female fans,” she says. “I actually love it. I mean she is very hot and seeing how much women want her makes me feel more proud that she’s mine.”

“Another reason I’m not jealous is because I know who my wife is,” she adds. “The people who like her because of how she looks don’t know her the way that I do. It is honestly just flattering and I love how my wife respects the position she’s in and doesn’t let it get into her head.”

Clarrisa Manaças hopes that viewers will learn a few valuable lessons. After being with former Springbok Lionel Mapoe, Clarrisa feels like she neglected her dreams and goals to make sure that he was happy and taken care of. “All the ladies have something to share that is impactful,” she says. “I want people to look at us and learn from our wins and mistakes.”

Dipuo Maloi has two baby daddies: Moroka Swallows teammates Andile Jali and Lantshene Phalane.

“Because I have two baby daddies who play soccer, people seem to think I am a certain way,” she says. “They have already concluded that everything I have and own is because of the men I have dated. But that is not the case; I am a very independent woman and I’ve worked hard for every single thing I have.”

“Dating soccer players is something I’m over,” she adds. “I have a man in my life right now who is not a footballer and our relationship has been so peaceful: no drama and no stress.”

Similarly, since her relationship with former Sundowns goalkeeper Kennedy Mwene ended a couple of years ago, Sisanda Cetiywe has not dated another soccer player. “Dating a soccer player showed me flames,” she says. “In the beginning, I was blinded by love but, as time went by, I realised that everything I have ever heard about dating soccer players was true. If you want to date a soccer player, you have to be strong; it is not for the faint-hearted.” 

Tsholo Makgalemele-Mbane is married to Bambanani Mbane, who plays for Banyana Banyana. “I’m looking forward to viewers seeing a married lesbian couple on South African reality TV,” she says. “We live in a country where same-sex marriage is legal, but people hardly ever see couples in their most authentic way. The show has given me an opportunity to show people the love my partner and I share. With that, I am hoping they learn something and ultimately see that we are just like everyone else. We go through ups and downs and we love each other, just like any other couple.” 

Sports Wives is the first Showmax Original reality show from Ndlovukazi Concepts and the producer has promised to show the ladies in their truest form without faking anything. “We didn’t shy away from the realities of exes of professional athletes who have had to find their way after leaving the glitzy life of being girlfriends to soccer stars,” says Nonhlanhla Dhlamini, executive producer and creator of the show. “This is explored through Dipuo Maloi, whose relationship with Andile Jali has been widely publicised by tabloids, including her Twitter spat with former Diski Divas’ Nonhle Ndala, who was Andile’s wife.” 

Today, Showmax also dropped the highly anticipated reunion special of the record-breaking first season of The Mommy Club, a reality series about five glamorous moms who make motherhood seem like a walk in the park. It is a deep dive into how the one percent raise their heirs – and the people who assist them. 

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