The infamous murderer and human-trafficker receives his own medicine on 20 May

The Kubeka family is in trouble with the dangerous Mukuna and they have to work together to get rid of Mukuna once and for all. Mukuna has been engaged in human-trafficking using the Kubekas’ assets and has manufactured evidence that made it look like the Kubekas are accomplices in all these dealings.

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This infuriates the Kubekas and they try different ways to get hold of this evidence and undo the leverage he has on the family. Dudu ends up pretending to seduce him and gets him into a hotel room where she poisons his champagne glass so he passes out completely. An IT specialist then deletes data from Mukuna’s laptop and cloud storage to eliminate what they believe was the last bit of evidence.

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Little did they know that Mukuna kept a hard drive as back up! Zenzele – who worked with Mukuna, realised this and decided to hit Mukuna on the head, steal the drive and save his family. Infuriated, Mukuna decides he is going to kill the Kubekas one by one and he kidnaps Nomvula. Luckily, she is able to escape while Mukuna is digging her grave. Vukile decides that there is only one way to resolve this, Mukuna must die. Vukile and Nomvula hatch a plan in which they kill Mukuna in an explosion on the 20th of May.

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