If you think things are heating up at Durban Gen, wait until Dr Mthembu makes his appearance. On Monday 12 July 2021 this good looking, confident, charming, smooth, calm, and skilled surgeon walks into Durban General – bringing mystery and intrigue to the wards. Dr Mthembu is played by none other than the talented Cedric Fourie.

He is persistent, charming, and arrogant yet cool calm and collected. He never shies away from a challenge which is why the cat and mouse game that he will inevitably play with Zondo is right up his ally.

Dr Mthembu first entered Durban Gen as a patient having suffered a terrible accident. Due to the bandages covering his whole body he was unrecognizable and was dubbed “Mr Glass” by the hospital staff.

He is now fully recovered and back on his feet to take on any challenge and charm his way through the corridors. It is love at first sight when he and Dr Zondo see each other again. Fanele Ntuli plays the part of the beautiful doctor who treated Mr Glass way back then. It seems the spark which was there between the two has not been stilled, and now that the bandages are off he is ready to pursue his girl …

See how things unfold with Cedric Fourie as Dr Mthembu on Durban Gen from Monday the 12th of July at 6:30PM only e.tv Openview channel 104 and DStv channel 194.