Moja 9.9 confronts real life issues and tells authentic stories

For three successful years on air, Moja LOVE (DStv channel 157) has been at the helm of delivering content that speaks to the real issues that confront many ordinary South Africans.
Now, the owners of Moja LOVE, Siyaya TV, are launching a sister channel – Moja 9.9.  The channel will go live on Wednesday, 16 June 2021, a significant public holiday on the South African calendar.  Moja 9.9 will debut on DStv channel 158 exclusively available to DStv Access customers.

“Moja” is a widely used slang word that means ‘everything is good’, while “9.9” means confronting the truth head-on, without fear or favour.  The name of the channel is aligned to the content it will deliver, which mainly mirrors what is happening in our communities and resonates with the channel’s target audience.  The 24-hour channel will be filled with locally produced shows and primarily targeted at women, with a spillover of male audiences.

Aubrey Tau, CEO of Siyaya TV, the owners of both Moja LOVE and Moja 9.9, says; “Ten years ago, our team began to imagine what a channel, inspired by our vision and values, could mean to viewers across Mzansi. In an increasingly crowded landscape, Moja LOVE has emerged as one of the leading destinations for viewers across TV screens.’’

“Creating the Moja LOVE brand and seeing it flourish, supported by the talented team that includes Head of the Channel, Exco, Executive Producers, Producers, Editors, crews working with a group of the finest storytellers and creators in television, is one of Siyaya TV proudest achievements as a black owned company. We are thrilled about the channel’s success and excited about the next chapter, the launch of the second channel ‘’Moja 9.9”, in partnership with Multichoice.

We will continue to inspire our viewers with rave, real stories that are relatable and resonate with audience.  A total Black experience’.

real-life stories that are emotional,entertaining and connect them to each other and to their greatest potential.”

“Moja 9.9 adds to the already vibrant content available on Access and is sure to spark conversations and debates for many viewers. DStv customers who are on the Access package can look forward to watching some of South Africa’s most-talked about local shows that were previously on Moja Love, DStv channel 157. All this great content will only be available to Access subscribers, allowing more South Africans to enjoy the best of local content that DStv has to offer,” says Yolisa Phahle, MultiChoice Group CEO of General Entertainment and Connected Video.

Start Somewhere  is a debate show that will premiere on the 16th of June. The show touches on thought-provoking topics around challenges that young people face.  Young viewers will be given sage advice from mentors and social influencers on how to pursue their ambitions. 

The show will also simulcast on Moja LOVE (DStv Channel 157).