Positive thinking is a powerful tool that can empower us and help us overcome challenges.
Although many adults are aware of the power of positive thinking, the benefits of positive affirmation also apply to children. This realisation prompted a local mom to write a book to help children access their inner hero.

“Every child, irrespective of gender or race, will find themselves in situations that test their self-confidence and courage,” says author Zinhle T. Matthews.

“Wouldn’t it be amazing if they had a full proof, lifelong tool to use in these circumstances? A potent mantra which could lift them above self-doubt and fear into a position of power, well equipped to take on the world – and win!”

Her beautifully illustrated book, My Family Of Superheroes, focuses on how positive phrases can help children realise their inner strength and potential. It tells the story of Precious who, inspired by her mother, uses positive affirmation to overcome her insecurities and doubts.

The mother of two says that she has always known that part of her purpose was to inspire the upcoming generation. As a successful certified chartered accountant, she assumed she would make an impact by returning to the small town she is from and inspiring the youth with her academic achievements. But, she says, God had a different message.

“It wasn’t at all about me, but about the power that is inside each of us. We all have the ability to connect to this power to make us whole and to achieve the impossible. That is what inspired me to write My Family Of Superheroes,” she says.

The book is set for release on 24 May 2021, when a special surprise by singer Mmatema will also be announced. In addition, Zinhle has designed superhero capes, adorned with the affirmations that are included in the book, to help young readers look the part.

Zinhle lives in Midrand with her husband and two children. She grew up in Bethal and, after completing her Honours Degree in BCom Accounting, she obtained a professional qualification as certified chartered accountant through the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants.

Feeling like she wasn’t living up to her potential, she started a journey of self-discovery in 2019 with the aim of finding her life’s purpose. The result is her debut children’s book, My Family Of Superheroes, which she believes will resonate with children and caregivers alike.

The book will be available at selected stores or can be ordered online from Amazon.