Candy Tsamandebele to host a two day workshop in Bolobedu prioritising female artists living in Limpopo

Cultural singer Candy Tsamandebele’s move back to the beautiful home of Bolobedu, Limpopo due to the COVID19 pandemic has challenged her to thing outside of the box.

The Nathinga singer and songwriter is set to host a two-day music workshop titled Limpopo Women In Music, from the 12 – 13 May 2021 in Ga-Kgapane at Shidila Lodge.

Candy Tsamandebele’s social media direct messages were (and are) full of upcoming artists, especially females, seeking guidance. Attending to each text became laborious, thus Limpopo Women In Music. 

Limpopo Women In Music aims to use established artist and behind-the-scenes music professionals lived experiences to educate and empower attendees. 

The panel includes: Candy Tsamandebele on packing and selling the Khelobedu traditional music and the culture brand without distorting its meanings and values. Hloni Modise, a veteran music publicist who will be focusing on the elements of selling artists to the media, from putting together press kits to single selection, to radio plugging to handling media interviews.

Hellen Seabi

Hellen Seabi, one of the well-known music compilers in Limpopo currently stationed at Capricorn FM. Artists often struggle to place their music in compilers ears, especially in Bolobedu. Hellen’s participation at this workshop is valuable for the music scene in Limpopo.

Pollet Nakana

Pollet Nakana, one of the founders of the annual Bolobedu Get Together music festival who will share her involvement with the Bolobedu music scene as a promoter and how that benefits the artists on top of what the music festival promoters look for when booking artists.

Dr. Winnie Mashaba

Dr. Winnie Mashaba on her story from being discovered by a legend to becoming one and how that journey contributed to the Limpopo gospel music scene including Bolobedu.

Esta M

Esta M, an artist who understands the art of selling traditional XiTsonga music to the masses. 

Limpopo Women In Music is organised by Mosekedi Entertainment and is brought to Bolobedu by the National Arts Council, Department of Sports, Arts and Culture, Capricorn FM, and Drip Footwear.