It was just a month ago when Drip Footwear opened its 6th store in Venda, Thavhani Mall. The trend will now see Drip take over Springs mall by launching their seventh store on the 13th of March 2021. 

Drip Footwear continues to tell the story of a dreamer. The brand, built based on recycled materials, continues to expand and create opportunities for the youth in various townships and cities. With the vision of having multiple stores, Drip keeps the dream alive by making the sneaker accessible to its customers. 

Drip CEO Lekau Sehoana says, “One of the reasons why the brand is where it is now is because of the township dream.”

The first shoe was launched in the year 2019 and now Drip is now launching its 7th store with an “exclusive release” of the sneaker which brings a bold new look to the design. Available only in two colours, black and white, with the retail price of for R1 200. 

Drip Managing Director Glenda Ndlanzi says, “We’ve come a long with our current design and we are thankful to all our customers who’ve been on this journey with us.”

“Our sneakers are bold and make a fashion statement. This new design was a collaborative effort. We took into consideration how our consumers want to dress up their Drip and gave them just that. A comfortable Drip shoe that you can just slip on. No shoe laces, no hassle,” she added.

In 2003, Growing up in an informal settlement of Ivory Park, Lekau Sehoana didn’t have any Shoes to wear. He saw an old Torn Sneaker, he redesigned it using Denims and Polyurethane. The Sneaker became a hit and people started ordering it. Making an entry into the Shoe Making business and exchanging Pain with Profit , for the next 5 Years of his High School Years. 

16 years later in 2019, the commercial Brand was born and he named it DRIP. The concept behind the Name and branding of this Footwear business comes from the modern day usage of words. Changing the meaning of words to a whole different meaning, to make the word cool or what’s being changed to even cooler. Drip means drops of Liquid although In urban street culture it means looking nice, having high fashion senses, Ukotini, style or being highly fashionable. 

We blend very well with the new climate of business and social Media, Influence, Modern Street Culture and Trends. Thus our name is trendy and we have adapted to the current wave of Lifestyle and Fashion unlike 16 Years ago, even though our DNA and Principles still remain that of 2003.