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Despite the horrible COVID-19 pandemic, people still have new year’s resolutions to keep fit, eat well, and achieve their goals.
Many people are hitting the track to distress and to get a clear mind. If you are running alone and need some safety tips, look no further. Remember to wear a mask and stick to lockdown regulations.

1: Run in a group or with a partner If you can.
2: Use common routes, public roads, and run towards oncoming traffic in order to be able to see vehicles. Use routes that are well-traveled and well-lit, and stick to those when you need to run alone.
3: When running alone; try not to carry valuables like headsets, cellphones as this might attract unwanted attention. When running with a cellphone; keep emergency numbers up to date.
4: Run in daylight. If you’re running in the early morning, at night, or at dusk; dress in light, bright, or reflective clothing. Choose colors like green, white, yellow, orange, or neon colours.
5: Trust your instinct and listen to your inner gut feeling. This will help you prioritise your safety. If you sense danger, balance politeness with bravery.
6: Communication is key. Before you go for a run, let someone know of your route or keep daily notes if you live alone. Also, estimate the amount of time you’ll be gone for.
7: Run with your pet. Running with your dog provides security and companionship.
8: Try to learn some self-defense techniques, just in case.
9: Download some safety Apps or running Apps. These usually help with tracking routes in case anything happens. There are also panic buttons available to download in case of an emergency.
10: Limit your distractions. Carrying jerseys, water bottles and gadgets can be distracting.