Author of Before you get married and Mining engineer professional Siya Ngcangca, 37, returns with another book From Rags to Freedom of Life.

The Sterkspruit born globe trotter says with his recent offering, he wants to take what he has learned in his travels and share it with people at home. His dream is to impact people in a positive way and help them find true happiness.

“I wrote a book detailing my personal experiences,” he says.

“It takes you on my personal journey to a happy place of self-awareness,” he adds.

“I made a decision to take action on your dreams and affirm the greatness within me many years ago. This is how I want everyone to feel,” he says.

Siya’s From Rags to Freedom of Life is for people who wish to acquire the courage to change their lives for the better.

“Success is defined by the amount of happiness you experience and not the amount of money you have. Never let your current tough situation blind you, rather appreciate those tough times without dwelling on them. You deserve to be happy, just be patient with yourself and don’t judge yourself too harshly.”

The father of three calls himself a “Practical Optimist” which comes from his outlook on life.

He has traveled through 26 countries in Africa and believes that travel gives you a better picture of how the world operates.

From Rags to Freedom of Life – released on 30 June 2020

You can find the book on Takealot South Africa –

And it will be available in July on Amazon and Smashwords

His First Book TitledBefore you get married is available on  –

Signed copies of the book can also be ordered from the author directly (

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