Nkunyana Nkunyana Picture: Lesedi FM

Lesedi FM presenter Nkunyana Nkunyana is out on R1000 bail after he was arrested for beating up his wife.

Nkunyana Nkunyana who is the host of Jwale Ke Nako, also known as Skuzabell was arrested last week for assaulting his estranged wife. The woman who cannot be named left Skuzabell a few weeks ago after the two separated. “The marriage was not working out, they were fighting all the time, and the love was gone,” a close friend revealed to Buzz Life News. “Skuza left and moved out. They said, he is already dating someone, but I am not sure.”

The fight broke out after the radio host went to collect some of his belongings at the home they shared. “He came to collect his belongings. He wanted to also take some of the furniture he bought when they were living together, but she refused,” the friend said. “You can’t just take furniture, if they are divorcing the court must agree. So, she refused to give him some of the furniture and he became violent and aggressive. The wife has since been granted a protection order against the DJ and he will appear in court on 2 May for the assault.

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