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It is no secret that Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Barack Obama, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lopez, Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Elton John, Demi Moore and many more Hollywood celebrities, all drink Kangen water. It has been referred to by many as the secret to a youthful look and long life amongst many international stars.

Witbank Businesswoman and philanthropist Mav Nong (47) recently introduced Kangen Water to South Africans, and they are loving the results!

She has been educating people about good health practices, good eating plans and lifestyle choices; helping men and women across the world understand the benefits of drinking Kangen water. But not many know that they can have access to different types of water via their very own kitchen tap, which come with many benefits and cost savings.Mav got introduced to Kangen Water by her friend, Dr Mabasa, while on holiday in London.
“I was not interested at first as I was happy with my filter system at home and bottled water. I thought water was water. I was never so wrong! I suffered migraines right through University. I went for various tests, but the specialists failed me as they could not help me,” she says.

“The migraines got better over the years and I had somehow gotten used to the pain; and was managing the headaches when they would come and go, but I knew there was no solution. The painkillers would give me side effects like stomach cramps. I decided to give Kangen water a try. After a few weeks of drinking Kangen water daily and using it for cooking, the migraines completely went away,” Mav adds
Something also amazing happened.
“It was during the initial lockdown when we were all ordered to stay home and I would not use a deodorant after a shower. I then realised that I did not have any armpit odour throughout the day due to drinking Kangen water. Sweat is one of your body’s natural ways for ridding itself of toxins. So, drinking Kangen water daily helps with flushing your body toxins out,” Mav says.

She took it upon herself to dedicate her time to educating people about the benefits of drinking Kangen water.
“We are living in a time of pandemics; rare and unknown illnesses and we are not always able to fully take care of our bodies the way we would like to. More women are taking on many hats as businesspeople, head of homes, breadwinners, care givers and have very little time for themselves and making sure their health is a priority.”

As a woman who is health conscious and works out, Mav says her energy levels have increased, strength and endurance during workouts have improved and her muscles recovery after intense workouts is much quicker.
“I feel good, energetic throughout the day. My skin is properly hydrated and glowing. My hair is beautiful, shiny and healthy and my teeth are brighter.”
She no longer has the headaches/migraines after drinking white wine. “I’m happier, more alert and confident. My immune system is stronger than it has ever been. I’m now able to keep my store-bought flowers and fresh produce for longer. I’m saving money on bottled/bought water, medication, deodorants, some skin and hair products, mouthwash, sanitisers, stain removers and cleaning products,” Mav says.
“I can now transform my oven by removing the grease with Kangen water. I can also remove tough stains with Kangen water. And most importantly; my kids are now able to drink about 1.5L of Kangen water a day because it’s tasty and they feel the difference in their young bodies,” Mav adds.

Here are the Health Benefits:
•          Helps your body to balance the acidic effects of eating foods such as meat and eggs.
•          Boosts Immune System
•          Gives Muscles Relief
•          Energizes
•          Improves Circulation
•          Detoxifies
•          Helps people to Feel and Look Younger
•          Helps to Maintain Normal Bowel Function
•          Cleanses Kidneys
•          Flushes Body Acidic Water and Toxins
•          Deeply Hydrates
•          Has High Antioxidant content