Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is the most common cause of abnormal vaginal discharge and has been associated with a range of serious health and reproductive consequences.

 Despite the availability of a number of oral and intravaginal antibiotic treatment options, its management remains challenging. More than 50 % of women experience recurrent episodes with standard antibiotic-based treatments. A key factor is the failure of antibiotics to fully eliminate vaginal biofilms adhered to cells lining the vagina that contain abundant Gardnerella vaginalis , also known as bacterial vaginosis.

BV’s recurrent nature can have a substantial impact on women’s emotional, sexual and social lives. The most distressing symptom of BV is the distinctive, strong, fishy odour that accompanies a thin, grey or white vaginal discharge. Women report feeling embarrassed, ‘dirty’ and concerned that others may detect the malodour.

BETADINE™ BV Gel is a new, non-antibiotic treatment distributed by Mundipharma South Africa, that has the potential to fulfil areas of unmet clinical need in the treatment of BV.  BETADINE™ BV Gel contains astodrimer sodium, a novel dendrimer-based therapy with a physical mechanism of action that disrupts vaginal biofilms and prevents harmful vaginal bacteria from adhering to vaginal lining, reducing their opportunity to grow whilst allowing normal vaginal flora to replenish. This helps to normalise the vaginal pH while relieving odour and discharge.

BETADINE™ BV Gel has proven clinical efficacy and safety in three large randomised trials in over 500 patients. BETADINE™ BV Gel provides rapid relief from the unpleasant odour in just 24 hours. Because it acts locally and is not absorbed systemically, BETADINE™ BV Gel avoids potential issues associated with conventional antibiotics such as systemic side effects, antibiotic resistance, and overgrowth of Candida is minimal. It has a favourable safety profile and is well tolerated.6C  BETADINE™ BV Gel is applied once-daily for 7 days. It is available over the counter (OTC) in leading pharmacies.

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