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Functional fitness facility Crossfit Cyprium invites South Africans to live their best healthy lives with an improved fitness programme and an introduction to their highly skilled team of coaches and health practitioners.

Situated at the World of Rugby, 83 Bram Fischer Road, Randburg, Cyprium was founded by 27-year-old coach Eduan Viljoen.

Cyprium’s ethos is centered around inclusivity, diversity and a celebration of South Africa’s vibrant cultures. Eduan is passionate about health, mental health and he believes that there is so much one can achieve by just taking the first step and working out.

“Why not start or even end your day by breaking a sweat at the gym, build your confidence, rebuild your health, prioritize your mental health – all the things that make you a better version of yourself. We also believe in kindness here,” Eduan says.

“Crossfit Cyprium was founded on the premise of holistic health and creating a safe and healthy environment for its customers. We value people and want to help them get stronger, fitter and healthier,” he adds.

Crossfit Cyprium is home to over a hundred fitness enthusiasts from various backgrounds each committed to getting better at being their true-selfs through fitness.

Anita Boxoza-Sefali, a member of the Cyprium family says, “Before I started at CrossFit Cyprium I was intimidated because I hadn’t stepped into a gym in years. I was a bit hesitant because it seemed so hardcore, but my first class was great. The coaches were kind, the people in the class showed me what to do and were really nice. Every day I am there I am met with smiles.”

Eduan started CrossFit Cyprium after seeking to grow in my coaching.
“I got a great opportunity to establish myself at the World of Rugby – a High Performance Center.”
CrossFit Cyprium welcomes all fitness levels and is committed to creating a kind environment while changing perceptions that CrossFit is for a certain group of people, Cypriums doors are open to serve all.

Classes are from Monday to Saturday. We offer a 1 week free trial.