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Quarantine and lockdown have changed many people’s daily routines and forced them to unlearn.

 Some have lost jobs and others have been forced to work from home.

 This has had an impact on workspaces and how people redecorate and make changes to their homes going forward, in order  to accommodate the new style of working.

 Interior stylist and businesswoman Mali Langa sheds some light on how we will live, work, and do future business.  

 She gives Buzz Life reader’s ways of being productive in the same space as where you rest, eat, exercise, and entertain yourself.

 “With Covid-19 uprooting the whole world and causing a dramatic change in how we do business, we have to re-look at how our homes are set up to enable a productive working and living environment,” she says.

 “I think that this entire experience is making us reassess life in general, which is an opportunity to re-invent ourselves and our lifestyles and be better at it.”

The Limpopo-born, founder of Task Interiors Styling says her design aesthetic is influenced by her love for luxury, colour, travel, and global trends.

 “People now need to think like designers. Analyze the space, who uses it, what it will be used for along with what style and mood inspire you,” she says.

 “It’s important to set and stick to a budget and shopping list, but also to have fun with the creative process,” she says.

 “Inexpensive additions can transform a space, like making sure there is enough lighting where you need it. White light, warm light, or perhaps a light that is tinted from a coloured lampshade is integral in creating an atmosphere.”

 And lastly, “Don’t forget Mother Nature. Greenery adds a feeling of liveliness and vitality to an interior. The colour of the leaves, shape, and natural structure all enhance and balance elements of design.” 

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