This week, radio personality Thando Thabethe went under fire after an interview with AKA on her radio show on 94.7.
In the interview, Thando bluntly asked AKA about an interview conducted by Thembekile Mrototo following the passing of his girlfriend Anele ‘Nelli’ Tembe.
“We have to speak about the elephant in the room. You had a sit down with one of our own, Thembekile Mrototo, and a lot of people felt like you said nothing in the interview,” she asked.
AKA appeared unimpressed with the way she asked and responded with “So?” and went on to say the incident with his fiancé’s death cannot be trivialised into a mere “incident.
“You wanna call it an incident. This is my life, bro. To you it’s an incident,” he said.
It’s none of your business.  It’s nobody’s business but my own. It is something I am living with in my life. It’s none of your business.”

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AKA, has since taken to social media to apologise for the way he responded to Thando.
“I’ve been seeing a lot of whoo ha on social media about our interview on Friday,” he posted.
“For the record I just wanna say that Thando has always been in my corner from the start, even through everything that has happened this year.”

He went to say, It’s unfortunate that he felt triggered by the way she asked her questions and he could have handled it better.
“After all she’s just doing her job and all that. We have nothing but love for each other and when I’m ready I’ll be back chopping it up with her as always. I also wanna send my love to the 94.7 family who have always been there for me. Shit happens … I’m Sorry.”