Khilobedu singer Candy Tsa Mandebele wants Mzansi to know that she is very much still alive. This came after a message from Tumi Masemola mistaking Candy Tsa Mandabele with the late Candy Moloi.  

Tumi took to social media to say Rest in Peace to legends who have passed, Mary Thwala, Zindzi Mandela, Moonyeenn Lee, and Candy Moloi who passed away recently.  

“My heart is broken. I am not one to regularly post those who have passed. To me, it is like glorifying death but this morning I will publicly mourn women who continue to inspire me in my everyday. May your souls rest in love. ” she wrote.
But Candy has since confirmed that Tumi has it all wrong. “I’m stil alive and very sad about the passing of Candy’s passing. She was an amazing women. We worked together on Giyani,” she told Buzz Live over the phone.

“But I understand the mistake. Luckily its someone I was close to and I had worked with before. But agh shame, man I’ m alive, healthy and happy. Iknow we share a same name,” she said.

My deepest condolences to thier families 💐

— 🎵Tumi Masemola (@TumiFromTheGang) July 29, 2020

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