by Nkululeko Zondi 

This week, South Africa kick-started the COVID-19 vaccine trials in Gauteng. 
Soweto residents were one of the first to enter the medical history records as being one of the first to receive the COVID-19 vaccine trials in the country. 
Eight people from Soweto and 2000 from different parts of Gauteng have volunteered to the research subjects. 
The participants are said to have been randomly selected. 
Half will receive a placebo and the other half of the vaccine and there would be a follow-up investigations with the participants every two weeks. The tests are run at undisclosed medical facilities by researchers from Oxford University in the UK, Wits University and the SA Medical Research Council (SAMRC) including Medical scientists from Brazil and the US. 
The virus has since infected 106, 000 people and 2 100 deaths in South Africa the. 
Picture: Freepik

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