Gomora actor Ntobeko Sishi Gomora actor Ntobeko Sishi proves that he’s multi-talented with brand new single IDC

Produced by Elizee, producer of Elements EP by Elaine, the idea of the record first came about when Ntobeko was still an intern at an Investment Banking Firm. 
He was working at his desk when the Melody hit him. 
“It’s a melody that was inspired by a Drake song, he’s one of my biggest influences.” He explains. 
“At the time I was going rough a rough break up and I decided to write about it.” 
The singer had the record with him and was waiting for the right moment to drop it. 
“I’ve been sitting with the record since last year November. I wasn’t sure whether I should put it on a project or not. I just decided to just drop it as a single. IDC is a landmark in my music career, it’s the type of music I’ve always wanted to make – vulnerable and honest. The other singles were vulnerable and honest too but were more tailored for radio. It was just me expressing myself.”
 IDC is an acronym for ‘I Don’t Care, “it is ironic because the point of the song is like you’ve sort of given up on someone but you care so much about the person and you still love them but you acting like you don’t care. Deep down inside you really do care, it’s like putting up a front.” 
Ntobeko started making music when he was just six-years-old. 
He wrote his first song when he was thirteen. 
“I’d write songs every day to express myself instead of paying attention in class, I wrote music. Since then I’ve been working with my friend.” 
The rising-star plans to drop a full body of work soon. 
“I plan on putting out a full project later this year. I can’t give a specific date yet because the songs are not done, but I’m putting a lot of pressure on myself in the next couple of months to create as much as I possibly can with the producers I’m working with,” he adds.
 In a matter of months, Ntobeko has become a fan-favourite in Mzansi Magic’s Alex-based telenovela. 
“Gomora is doing very well, I’m grateful for the opportunity that I’ve been given. We’ve been working very hard.” 
The performing arts have always been Ntobeko’s passion from a young age. 
“I really love acting. It’s not something that I disrespect, it’s a craft that I respect with all of my heart. I understand the research and intensity of it. It’s not just something you play around with because you want to be famous or whatever. I really love the performing arts and expressing myself. I’m grateful for the team I have there and the cast and the crew.”
 IDC is available to stream across all digital platforms.
Picture: Ntobeko Sishi/Instagram 

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