Reaffirming its commitment to supporting South African talent, YouTube hosted a Music Day event at Artivist in Braamfontein, as part of Africa Month where it celebrated Africa’s rich heritage and promising future by spotlighting the contributions of the Amapiano genre and artists alike.

YouTube’s Music Day highlighted the unique stories of artists Tyler ICUKabza De SmallDarque and KMAT, delving into how they are shaping the future of Amapiano music, both in South Africa and around the world. The event also offered opportunities for artists to connect with their audience through interactive talks, fireside chats, Q&A sessions, and music. 

Addy Awofisayo, Head of YouTube Music in Sub-Saharan Africa highlighted the relevance of showcasing South Africa’s music heritage, particularly within African Month. “Creating environments where artists and thought leaders can come together, collaborate and celebrate the diverse nature of African music is vital to empowering and developing artists on the continent.” 

Moderated by Google’s Communications Manager in South Africa, Siya Madikane, the music-filled event featured a panel discussion with key industry players Temi Adejini (MD Warner Africa), Innocent Nkosi (Empire Records) and artists Tyler ICU and KMAT, that unpacked topics around music release strategies on YouTube and explored new ways to facilitate the genre’s growth for a sustainable future. 

Originating in South Africa in 2012, Amapiano has not only made it to the global stage but through its innovative fusion of genres such as Deep House, Kwaito, Jazz and Afrobeats, has also had significant impact on the global music scene.

“YouTube remains committed to placing the spotlight on Africa’s vibrant music scene and how it captivates audiences worldwide. This is evident in the fact that more than 70% of views for the top 25% of Sub-Saharan artists on the platform come from outside the continent,” said Madikane.

“YouTube is dedicated to showcasing and supporting African artists, enabling them on their journey to global recognition. Through ongoing efforts, the platform has been instrumental in the discovery and nurturing of the African sound, exposing it to listeners globally,” he concluded.

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