P&G South Africa is proud to announce the latest development to the Always Keeping Girls in School Program continuing its commitment to Menstrual education and fighting period poverty with the launch of the #BloodSister Network. In partnership with dancer and Brand Ambassador, Bontle Modiselle, the #BloodSister Network has transcended borders, making waves from Rwanda to Central Park as part of the Global Citizen initiative.

As 2024 marks the 16th year of P&G’s commitment to combating period poverty the launch of the #BloodSister Network, in celebration of Menstrual Hygiene Day, aims to normalize periods and make menstruation an accepted part of life by 2030. With the introduction of the #BloodSister Network on May 30th, we’re empowering schools and communities to nominate their #BloodSisters, who will be inspiring leaders that will spearhead the cause of menstrual equity and education. Reflecting on her journey, Bontle Modiselle shared, “Using my art to champion this cause on a global stage has been incredibly rewarding. It’s vital to normalise periods and empower young girls to embrace their natural journey without shame.

The #BloodSister Network goes beyond performance, it’s a platform for change. With the establishment of the #BloodSisters Network P&G aims to give girls the opportunity to amplify their voices within their schools, championing period positivity and education. The network seeks leaders who embody empathy, resilience, and a passion for advocating against period poverty. These #BloodSisters will aim to serve as beacons of positivity, challenging menstrual stigma and advocating for inclusivity within their circles.

Alicia Eggington, Vice President and General Manager of P&G South Africa, Botswana, and Namibia, expressed, “We believe in doubling our efforts to reach more girls in just one year. Through impactful partnerships, we can empower future generations and break the barriers of period poverty.” Furthermore, P&G extends its commitment by donating R100,000 amongst five deserving girls, assisting with their journey into higher education. This initiative reflects P&G’s dedication to keeping girls in school and investing in their futures.

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