It is not very common to find several African artists on the playlist of any karaoke night, hence the Creative Entrepreneur sought out to close that seemingly neglected gap. Conceptualised by South African Afrobeats DJ, Spokenpriestess, Afri-Sauti Karaoke is an African karaoke property founded in 2021, but officially went to market in 2024 after three years of careful research, curating and planning.

Inspired by her deep passion for African music, Spokenpriestess sought to create a platform for Africans to sing karaoke in their mother tongues, which is hardly practiced. Steadily expanding and adding to its audience, Afri-Sauti Karaoke now takes place every First Thursday of the month at Karaoke Kong in Melville, with tickets sold at R100 on Quicket.

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Highly knowledgeable about the music landscape of the continent as a whole, Spokenpriestess oversees the playlist to include Afrobeats hits, as well as wider African Pop sounds, especially including classics from South Africa as part of the first phase of the event. Says Spokenpriestess: “With the word ‘Sauti’ meaning ‘sound’ in KiSwahili, the name is a perfect description for the crux of the African karaoke offering and I look forward to seeing this idea reach new heights.”

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Attendees can expect to sing along to songs by the beloved AKA, Brenda Fassie, Burna Boy, Lebo Mathosa, Tiwa Savage and so many more at one of these exciting, fun and memorable nights. The aim is to one day encompass as many African songs as possible in various languages spoken across the continent, to fully represent the vastness and diversity of its people. Afri-Sauti Karaoke takes place next on Thursday, 2 May from 18:00, tickets are now available for purchase on Quicket –

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