Her new album Rainbow is all about Hope, love, peace, freedom, and self-love. Yami Banda, fondly known as Lady Zamar says, “After flood s destroyed the world, rainbow remained in the sky as a promise and sign that it would never happen again. I’ve been through a situation that destroyed everything I believed in and loved. That will never happen again- and this project is a testament to that,” she told Apple Music.

She took seven months to record the 12-track project. Before recording, she had been writing music almost every day for years and had hundreds of songs to choose from. “I have been writing since COVID-19 and never stopped, “she tells Buss Life News.  “When it was time to record and release, I went with the songs that resonated with me more.”

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Before recording, Lady Zamar had just recovered from two vocal cord operations. She has been in and out of hospital since 2020 after straining cords. “I was in and out of hospital until 2021. I had to get an operation, do checks, physiotherapy, and vocal training,” she adds. “It took me time to heal and to understand why I went through it all. I was not using my voice correctly and it affected me physically. Then from 2022, I had to learn tossing again until I felt comfortable enough to record.”

After her vocal cord operation, she then had complications with her kidney. “I was in hospital for a week for my kidney. I then needed to heal from that.” But after taking time to recover, she felt it was time to release music. 

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With all she has overcome including being shamed for years on social media for sharing her story on her past relationship with musician Sjava, Lady Zamar says finding her voice was both a physical, mental, and spiritual task. “I was silenced at all the wrong times and vocal when I didn’t need to be. So, all of this was a lesson. So this project is one of hope and saying that there is a rainbow after every storm.”


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