He is surprised he made it this far alive. Bonginkosi “Zola’ Dlamini, fondly known as ZoLA 7 turns 47 years old. 

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He shared a message of gratitude for making it thus far. “Today I celebrate life, 47 years of God’s grace. Four years ago, I was not sure I would see another day but here I am still standing. I’m proof that only God decides about your life, not other people. Happy birthday to me, ngiyabonga baba.

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Last year, the Mdlwembe artists opened up about falling ill and being in a coma for five weeks after suffering an epileptic attack. “I almost didn’t make it,” he said. “ I almost kicked died.” Bu the says the 200mg pills he takes help him to get by. “It is a lot but I am grateful to be here, alive and doing okay.” Zola 7 says she learned he had been living with epilepsy for a long time but was unaware until he had an attack that almost took his life. “But I am here now and grateful for another year around the sun.”

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